gg-world-raffle-150-guatemala ball

Rules of GG World Raffle #1

The rules are pretty straightforward. Unlike the traditional lotteries, you don’t pick a set of numbers for your ticket. Instead, you select a numbered ticket which will participate in the draw. The available tickets have a white background, the greyed-out ones have been already sold. You can check „Show only available tickets„ to see only those available for purchase. The draw takes place when all the tickets are sold.

Not sure which one you should choose? Feel free to click „Quick pick” and our system will randomly pick a number for you. You can also select to display even or odd ticket numbers. You can also choose more than one ticket to increase your chances of winning. When you’re done with selection, click on „buy ticket” button to finalize the purchase.



Next draw date:

The draw takes place when the pool gets sold out.

Main prize

Q 100.00

Tier Winners Chance to win Prize
I 1 1 to 150 GTQ 100
II 2 1 to 75 GTQ 20
III 10 1 to 15 GTQ 4
IV 20 1 to 7.5 GTQ 2

How to play GG World Raffle #1